COVID-19 Information and Resources

Updated January 04 2022

PPE and Safety Equipment Suppliers – who supply VTFMA Members

Government of Canada

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Guide on indoor ventilation during the Pandemic.

Community-based measures to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Canada

This document includes a good section on Environmental cleaning and ventilation

Province of BC Ministry of Health COVID-19 Guidance for the Hotel Sector

Posted April 8th 2020

From the City of Vancouver for information :

Vancouver Coastal Health has posted their advisory about stagnant water in under- and unoccupied facilities: (see “Building water systems and COVID-19”).

This information will also be sent directly to holders of operating permits for cooling towers and decorative water features in the City of Vancouver.

Complementary references:


Academic paper in Environment International Volume 142, September 2020, 105832 “How can airborne transmission of COVID-19 indoors be minimised? “

RHEVA Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations

COVID-19 Guidance document (updated as of 3 April) on how to operate and use building services in areas with a coronavirus outbreak to prevent the spread of COVID-19 depending on HVAC or plumbing systems related factors.

RHEVA/AiCARR Protocol for risk reduction of SARS-CoV2-19 diffusion with the aid of existing air conditioning and ventillation sytems.

World Health Organization (WHO)

For Facilities: WHO Technical Brief: Water, sanitation, hygiene and waste management for the COVID-19 virus

WHO Guidance on preparing workplaces for COVID-19

WHO EPI-WIN Site  (Combatting mis-information regarding COVID-19)

EPI-WIN seeks to give people access to timely accurate information from trusted sources. This information will be tailored to different audiences and will answer pertinent questions as the event unfolds.  Managing infodemics Infodemics are an excessive amount of information about a problem that makes it difficult to identify a solution.

WHO Daily COVID-19 Situation Reports

Daily COVID-19 updates from Destination Vancouver: