COVID-19 Protective Equipment Suppliers

On May 5th 2020 it came to the attention of the Board of Directors of the VTFMA that accessing COVID-19 physical barrier equipment, sanitation and disinfectant supplies as well as Personal Protective Equipment may be a challenge for some Tourism Facilities.

In the interest of sharing resources our Members are encouraged to share their suppliers if they have capacity at “gwendal.castellan at”

Suppliers List that we have so far:

HD Supply has shared their catalogue of

  • Bill Aniba, HD Supply Canada-Facilities Maintenance Division, Metro Vancouver Area Cell; 778.918.0864 Call Center; 1.800.782.0557 E Mail;

Hazmasters in Burnaby supplies one of our members with PPE

3103 Thunderbird Crescent Burnaby BC CanadaV5A-3G1Tel: (604) 420-0025Fax: (604) 420-5282

Russel Hendrix

  • Cleaning & Safety supplies for restaurants

SOS Technologies

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • First Aid Supplies

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